Rose Nectar ®

Pure extract from the super herb Bulgarian Rose. Loaded with flavonoids, natural antioxidants & minerals. Great taste and aroma. Known as the substance with the highest vibrational energy. We named it Nectar, "the drink of the Gods", because of its powerful anti-aging properties. Drink daily to nourish your skin, uplift your mood & boost your health.

To Health & High Vibes

Add 1-2 servings to 8-16oz of water, coffee, smoothie or tea. Turn any drink into a tasty health & beauty elixir.


Vibrate Higher with Every Sip

“I've used rose water for many years. Rose Nectar is on a whole other level! By far the best rose product on the market."

Sarah Marie Nagel


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Younger. Healthier. Happier.

Drink daily for visibly younger, glowing skin. Its aroma alone calms the mind and elevates your mood. Add to drinks for its numerous health benefits.

Raise Your Vibration

You are energy. Your thoughts, the people around you and the food you eat impact your vibration levels. Rose oil, the key ingredient in Rose Nectar®, is known as the highest vibration substance on earth. Rose Nectar® enhances the frequency of every one of your cells, contributing to a healthier body, elevated mood, wellbeing and vitality. Vibrate high with every sip.

Nourish Your Skin

The Bulgarian Rose, the richest in flavonoids plant, helps prevent degenerative damage by free radicals to your skin and body. The flavonoids in Rose Nectar®  are a powerful anti-inflammatory and boost cell health and longevity. Hence why the Bulgarian Rose has been revered for its unsurpassed skin benefits for centuries. 

Elevate Your State

The Rose essential oil inside Rose Nectar® is a staple in aromatherapy due to its unrivaled mood-enhancing properties. Rose Nectar® calms your mind, uplifts your mood and elevates your state.

Why Us

We live and breathe the Bulgarian Rose. We grow it. Harvest it. Study it. Research it. We create innovative products no one has ever imagined. Because our passion is to enrich your life by bringing the highest quality Bulgarian Rose products to you.