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Our Story

Born in Bulgaria. Made with Love in California.

We live and breathe the Bulgarian Rose. It’s part of our Bulgarian heritage. We grow it. Harvest it. Study it. Research it. We create innovative products no one has ever imagined. We are passionate about enriching your life through the finest Bulgarian Rose products in the world.

We apply the absolute highest standards to deliver our Bulgarian Roses to you. We can’t, we don’t, we won’t settle for less, and nor should you.

The organic methods of growing our Roses, the unique process of extracting their nutrients, transporting the Rose extract via air from Bulgaria to our California facilities, handcrafting your Rose Nectar in small batches, using amber glass to protect against the effects of light… every detail speaks of the unmatched degree of care we take in the creation of Rose products born of Love.


Younger, Happier, Healthier You

Pure Rose blossomed out of the vision to bring to you the myriad of health and beauty benefits of the super herb Bulgarian Rose. Nutrition resides at the heart of beauty, health and longevity. Hippocrates’ words “Let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food” ring as true as they did 2400 years ago. It is our goal to nourish your body, uplift your mood and energize your soul through every one of our pristine natural products.


Health and Wellness is in our DNA

Our founder Tor, a former professional athlete, embraced a healthy lifestyle from a young age. His mother, a doctor and a holistic practitioner, was on a 100% fruit diet when she was pregnant. When Tor moved to California, he realized that supermarkets were flooded with drinks loaded with sugar and few healthy options existed. He knew he needed to find a healthy alternative. Since he couldn't find one, he decided to create it himself. In 2017, after a few years of research, it dawned on him that his native Bulgaria had something truly unique to offer to the world - the super herb Bulgarian Rose. And that's how Pure Rose was born…


Better for You. Better for the Planet.

The majority of the cheaper rose products (specifically commercial rose water) are delivered to you in plastic bottles, not only harmful to your skin, but also polluting our planet. Pure Rose has a different philosophy. Our decisions are driven y what is good for you, and what is good for the environment. That's why Pure Rose delivers its products in amber glass bottles - better for your skin, better for our planet! We are also the first company (and so far the only one) to deliver a refillable rose spray, so we can eliminate packaging waste and minimize transportation cost. You not only save money, you also save the Planet. 


Make a Difference

Bulgaria, a country of 7 million people, is the 3rd largest producer of medicinal herbs in the world. More than 300,000 Bulgarians depend on herbs for their wellbeing. Bulgaria is the undisputed world leader in growing the precious Rosa Damascena (hence the name Bulgarian Rose). Ask any Bulgarian what the best product of Bulgaria is, and they will undoubtedly tell you - the Bulgarian Rose.

By buying Pure Rose, you more than invest in your personal health and beauty. You also support an iconic industry for this beautiful little Eastern European country called Bulgaria. Our promise is to deliver to you the most pristine products coming straight from the soil of our Bulgarian Rose Valley. Spread the word and contribute to the prosperity of tens and hundreds of thousands of Bulgarians.  





Our Story | Pure Rose