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The Healthiest Drink For You, Bar None


We recently asked health-conscious people a simple question:

“What do you consider to be the healthiest drinks on the market?”

We got the following answers: Kombucha. Coconut water. Cold-pressed juice.

When we asked people in person, we noticed something very revealing - there was a long pause before they gave us an answer. Clearly, the answer wasn't that obvious.

A quick glance at the nutrition facts of “the 3 healthiest drinks” reveals an interesting story. Here is the sugar content per 16 oz of beverage:

Kombucha - 16g

Coconut water - 32g

Cold-pressed juice - 35g

Probiotics (the kombucha’s claim to fame) and electrolytes (the main benefit of coconut water) are great. Flavonoids - the powerful antioxidants of fruits & veggies inside cold-pressed juice - are even more important for our health - they prevent free-radical damage to our cells.

But are we paying too high of a “price” for these benefits?

There’s no debate that sugar is one of the biggest enemies to our long-term health. Sugar feeds the good bacteria in kombucha, but it also causes overgrowth of gut candida. Sugar causes inflammation in our bodies. It prematurely ages us. Causes tooth decay, increases risk for acne, skin aging, diabetes, cancer. Over time, it wreaks complete havoc on our health.

In defense of cold-pressed juice (and maybe to some extent, coconut water), some sugars are better than others. Natural fruit sugar in cold-pressed juice is certainly much better than processed sugar. Yet, when you strip a fruit of its fiber, as is the case with fruit juice, the way you absorb the natural sugar is very different than how nature intended it.

We don't give it much thought, but beverages are the main contributor to our sugar consumption. Whether your goal is to lose weight, feel better day-to-day or optimize your long-term health, how you hydrate your body is of monumental importance. There’s no way around it.

That’s what inspired us to create Rose Nectar a few years ago. Zero-calorie, zero-sugar extracted from the super-herb Bulgarian Rose. Just a serving or two literally turns your water into the healthiest drink on the market. Why? The Bulgarian Rose tops the superfood charts in terms of flavonoids. which unfortunately we can’t get from fruit the way we did 100 years ago (more on this subject here). It causes no inflammation (zero sugar!), to the contrary, it is actually a natural anti-inflammatory. The calming effect of its aroma is absolutely priceless. It also adds great subtle taste, making water so much more fun to drink.

If that’s not enough, stay tuned… We will soon be sharing more about food and vibrations and the fact that Rose Nectar is the highest vibrational frequency drink on the planet.

If you were ever turned off by the price of kombucha ($3-4), coconut water ($4-5) or cold-pressed juice ($9-12), you are not alone. That’s why a glass of Rose Nectar + Water will cost you a little more than a dollar.

Cheers to health and high vibrations!


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The Healthiest Drink For You, Bar None | Pure Rose