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How to get rid of Stress and its crippling Health Effects

Too much stress can kill you. Literally! Study after study show it hurts many aspects of your health and can lead to an increased risk of illness and even death.

Some stress is good for you. It’s the body’s signal that something’s wrong and needs your attention. But an overabundance of stress, over a longer period of time, is what destroys our health. As newest research shows, giving stress too much power in your life by worrying about its effects on you makes stress even more harmful.

The cause of most health problems is stress.

We don’t always even know we’re tipping our stress scales, say when we get busy or out of touch with our feelings. Not to mention that our minds learn how to suppress it. But chronic stress seeps into our subconscious. That’s why they call stress “The Silent Killer”. Our bodies are well equipped to handle small doses of stress. It is chronic stress that leads to issues like premature aging, depression and anxiety, heart disease, heart attack, stroke, sexual disfunction, skin problems (like acne, psoriasis and eczema), hair loss, obesity. The list goes on.

The effect of stress on your body

Your antibodies react the same way to stress as they do to pathogens - activating proteins that trigger an immune response. This immune response not only neutralizes harmful agents, it damages healthy cells, leading them to age prematurely. Stress promotes cellular aging by weakening the cell structures called telomeres, which affect cellular aging and how our cells age.

Thankfully, there are some effective, even pleasurable, ways to keep stress in check and avoid its deadly grip on us. Here are 6 highly effective ways to prune stress from your life:


Remember, almost all stress starts in the mind. Meditation, mindfulness and deep slow breathing are incredibly effective in calming your mind. Next time you feel your heart racing, take a few deep breaths and transport yourself mentally to a place you love. The effect is instant!

Healthy diet

Limit red meat, sugar, stimulants like caffeine and processed foods. Focus on clean, high vibration foods.


Rose oil has been known for centuries to calm the mind and reduce stress, anxiety and depression. Middle Eastern cultures have long appreciated the stress-relieving properties of rose essential oil. In Iran, a bottle of rose oil is passed around among mourners at funerals to help relieve sadness and anxiety over losing a loved one.

A number of studies have shown that rose oil significantly reduced breathing rates, blood oxygen saturation and systolic blood pressure in subjects treated with the healing liquid. They reported that they felt calmer and more relaxed compared to those who received a placebo.

Regular exercise

Moderate exercise on a regular basis including yoga and cardio workouts, cuts the side effects of stress. Excessive exercise will actually have the opposite effect - it creates too much of an oxidative stress in your body (hence the shorter life span among professional athletes). Moderation and consistency are crucial.

Adjust Your  Attitude & Perspective

As Mark Twain once said “I've had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened.” Most of the demons in our heads never become reality. What’s worse is that we worry about things of little significance. Always ask yourself, “Will this mean anything to me a year from now?.” When you face any kind of life challenge or set back, look for the silver lining. Take that lemon and turn it into a lemonade.

Maintain High Vibrations

We all know intuitively what high vibrations are. Feeling joy, feeling gratitude, being around positive people, eating healthy food, being inspired - they all take us to a state of high vibrations. The key is to make high vibrations your focus and use them as a barometer. Check numerous times throughout the day your state. It takes just a few seconds. If you are a bit off, recalibrate. Take a few deep breaths, think of 3 things you are grateful for. That may very well become one of your healthiest habits!

Did you know that you can kill three stress birds with one—or two—stones by adding rose oil-based products to your daily routine?

Rose oil, considered the highest vibration substance on earth, is the key ingredient in Pure Rose Nectar. When it comes to high vibration food/drink, it can’t get much better (Rose oil is the highest vibration substance of any).

Pure Rose Mist has the richest concentration of rose essential oil of any spray product on the market. It comes in an easy to carry around bottle. It’s nothing short of aromatherapy on the go. Spray throughout the day to beautify your skin, and while you are at it, enjoy its calming aromatherapy effect. Pure Rose Nectar and Pure Rose Mist are a powerful duo. Together, they can check the aromatherapy, high vibrations and healthy diet boxes on your stress-busters list!

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How to get rid of Stress and its crippling Health Effects | Pure Rose