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Three "dirty" secrets you may not know about rose water

Three "Dirty" Secrets

you don’t know about rose water




You’ve probably heard about rose water by now. It’s a booming trend in beauty and health products and its rise in popularity is nothing short of remarkable. Now, the obvious choice is to find a great quality, organic rose water if you’re looking to incorporate its mood boosting, skin and hair enhancing and antioxidant benefits into your life. However, many are turning to DIY solutions or regular, run-of-the-mill drugstore concoctions.


What you don’t know about DIY or drugstore rose water products will shock you and definitely make you think twice about trying out that recipe you found online. You probably want to put down that $3 bottle of rose water you picked up at the pharmacy too, because we’re about to shed a little light on why you don’t want those products and should probably turn to something with higher quality!


#1 It’s Unstable!

DIY rose water is made by simmering dried or fresh rose flower petals in water until you get a rosy looking water that probably smells fine, but doesn’t have any stability or provide any real benefits.


Most commercial rose waters are highly diluted, adulterated and stabilized with alcohol. Just look at the ingredient list, water would be first, and then if you are lucky, it won’t belated with a bunch of other questionable ingredients,


For rose water to have natural and clean stability, it needs to have high amount of essential oils. Hydrosol which is made by distilling the roses, is far more potent than DIY rose water, certainly a step-up in the right direction. When rose petals are simmered, the resulting mixture can often lose its potency with heat, sunlight or other outside forces, that cause it to have a very limited shelf life. Imagine having to spend your hard-earned time, money and energy to make a beautiful looking rose water, only to find it’s gone bad after a week! I’m sure you’d find yourself pretty disappointed, especially if you’d made a big batch of it, thinking you were saving yourself time and money!


#2 It’s Not Potent!

The way commercial or homemade rose waters are made just don’t pack the same punch you'd expect from rose water. The roses that are used aren’t bred for the same essential oil profile, and the small amount of essential oils that are found in those roses just isn’t enough to make a noticeable impact in your health or beauty routine!


What you need to look for is Rosa Damascena, a.k.a. the Queen of Roses, which is better known as the Bulgarian Rose. The Bulgarian Rose is not an ornamental flower, it is a super herb loaded with essential oils. If you care for real results, this is the Rose you are looking for.


#3 It’s Ridden With Pesticides!

When making your own rose water or buying cheap rose water products, it’s entirely probable that you’re using roses from the grocery store or maybe even a florist. The problem here is that those roses aren’t meant to be ingested or used on your skin, they’re meant to look pretty.


Pesticide use on rose fields is extremely common to keep pesky insects from ruining their gorgeous rose crop, but what happens when you make rose water out of those same roses? Well, you’re putting those pesticides into your body and onto your skin!


Pesticide symptoms on humans can range anywhere from itching, burning, stinging and trouble breathing to chronic, long term complications like cancer, reproductive issues, hormone issues and autoimmune illnesses. Why in the world would you want to ingest that or put it on your body?!


I Want the Real Thing. Where Do I Get It?

Only a rose product made with high quality essential oils pack the powerful punch you’re looking for to enhance your mood, give you gorgeous, healthy hair and skin and provide you with the antioxidant boost you’re looking for. Fortunately, we have the solution for you and you’ll be thrilled to know everything about it!


Pure Rose Nectar is 100x more antioxidant-rich than the average commercially-made or homemade rose water and free of unwanted toxins. It is considered the highest vibration substance on earth and is not only made with the amazing super herb, the Bulgarian Rose, but it’s also enriched with pure rose essential oils! We make Pure Rose Nectar with Bulgarian rose extract and it’s the purest, most potent rose product on the market.


Pure Rose Nectar is organic, since it’s extracted from fresh, pesticide-free Bulgarian roses that we grow ourselves. No more roses picked up from the florist or diluted, fragranced rose waters at Whole Foods or the nearby drugstore. We stand by the true power of organic, Bulgarian Rose products. We’re committed to bringing to You only the highest quality products.


Rose Nectar is a proven mood booster, meaning ingesting it orally can be a great choice if you’ve had a stressful day at the office or you’re tackling some things in your life that just have you feeling lower than usual. It’s loaded with antioxidants and flavonoids, making it an amazing addition to your diet so you can have the best day ever, every day!


The taste and scent is also completely unrivaled by other commercial rose products or DIY products. It’s incredibly pleasant and can be added to anything, smoothies, recipes, even just plain water! Alternately, you can use it topically! You probably will be though, since it’s leaps and bounds above homemade rose waters!


Lastly, we’ve created Pure Rose Nectar specifically designed for ingestion, and Pure Rose Mist for external use - the purest, most anti-oxidant rich Rose spray on the planet.


So, if you’re ready to ditch the homemade rose waters and bring into your life a true rose product, head on over to our SHOP to pick up a bottle and experience the difference for yourself. Get your today today and we guarantee you, you won’t go back to diluted, pesticide-filled rose waters ever again!


Three "dirty" secrets you may not know about rose water | Pure Rose