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Rose Nectar vs. DIY rose water and why you need to make the switch today!

Rose Nectar vs. DIY rose water

and why you need to make the switch today!



By now, you’ve probably heard all about the amazing benefits of rose water. It helps with your immune system, gives you gorgeous hair and skin, and is an incredible mood booster!  Rose water has traditionally been used in holistic medicine over many thousands of years and it’s not hard to see why. It’s a superstar ingredient to add to your everyday routine. It’s also incredibly versatile, used as a drink or topically, which means you’re not limited at all in how you choose to benefit from it.


Now, knowing that rose water is such a potent addition to both your nutrition and skin care routine, you’ve probably thought about buying commercial rose water or making it yourself. After all, there’s hundreds of blog posts and Pinterest pins on how to do it at home. You may think that saving a quick buck by taking a DIY approach to it is the best option, but we’re here today to explore why maybe it’s not as great as you think.


The most common way to make rose water is to use ordinary dried or fresh roses and simmer them in water. This method is commonly used but honestly, it’s not a great way to go about it. Ordinary roses like the kind you’d buy at the florist are lacking in the vital essential oils that make roses the dynamite powerhouse that they are.


There’s also a possibility of pesticides being used. Pesticides are frequently used to keep rose crops from being swarmed by rose loving insects, which is fine for a bouquet inside your house but probably not the best choice for something you’re putting in your body or on your skin as the toxins in pesticides have been linked to a whole host of illnesses, including autoimmune ones.


In addition, the act of simmering the roses usually leaves a rose-colored water with the fragrance of roses but in actuality, the water itself is far too diluted to give any real lasting benefit from the water. It might taste good, it might smell good, but you’re not going to get the results that you’re expecting from most commercially made rose waters, and you’re definitely not going to get them from a DIY rose water.


Another thing to think about is the lack of stability in homemade rose water. Simmered rose water made at home will likely have a terribly short shelf life, meaning that if you don’t use it as quickly as possible, it’ll have no benefits at all!


All of these reasons are why you should start thinking about other options. Rose is such an amazing super herb to add to your life, but you should take the quality of your rose water seriously. There’s no point in wasting time on inferior products when you can get it right the first time and start experiencing the miraculous benefits today!


So, Which Rose Product Do I choose?

Well, that’s why we’re here to help you out. Pure Rose Nectar is made with Bulgarian rose extract and it’s the purest and most potent form of rose based products on the market. It’s the highest vibration substance on earth and Rose Nectar is not only made with the amazing super herb, Rosa Damascena, but it’s also enriched with pure rose essential oils! Its effects are endless because of its superior composition. The Bulgarian Rose has the ability to give you long, thick, luscious and healthy hair and because it is an anti-inflammatory, adding it into your skincare routine can be a big help if you’re suffering from acne, eczema or dermatitis. It can be used as a facial cleanser or toner or even as a conditioner for your hair, leaving it soft and shiny after a shower.


Rose Nectar is also a proven mood booster, meaning ingesting it orally can be a great choice if you’ve had a stressful day at the office or you’re tackling some things in your life that just have you feeling lower than usual. It’s loaded with antioxidants and flavonoids, making it an amazing addition to your diet so you can be feeling like your best self, all the time!


Pure Rose Nectar is also organic, since it’s extracted from fresh, pesticide free Bulgarian roses. You won’t find any grocery store roses used in this product since we believe in the true power of roses. We’re committed to using only the highest quality products.


The taste and scent is also completely unrivaled by other commercial rose products or DIY products. It’s incredibly delicious and can be added to anything, smoothies, recipes, even just plain water! Alternately, you can use it topically if you’re really not a fan of the taste. Honestly though, you probably will be because it’s delicious!


So, if you’re ready to ditch the homemade rose waters and try out a tested and true rose product, head on over to our SHOP to pick up a bottle and see for yourself. We even have a subscription option so you’ll never forget to pick up your new health superstar ever again, it’ll appear on your doorstep! Just like magic! Buy it today to experience the life changing experience of Pure Rose Nectar and we promise you’ll never go back to diluted; pesticide filled rose waters ever again!


Rose Nectar vs. DIY rose water and why you need to make the switch today! | Pure Rose