Frequently Asked Questions

Rose water is a very poorly defined product. "Rose water" products on the market are often diluted (as much as 90% water), with additives and chemicals, derived from a variety of roses, rarely, if ever, organic. There is also the "DIY" rose water - steaming in home conditions petals from ornamental rose flowers. The main application of these rose water products is external use for skin care. None of them are formulated for internal use. Further, rose distillers and growers refer to the extract from roses as rose water as well. To qualify for "rose water", that extract needs to have at least 0.025% essential rose oil content. On the other end of the spectrum, that rose extract can contain as much as 0.12% rose oil, more than 5 times difference in essential oil contents. So what is Rose Nectar? It is rose extract with the highest rose oil contents, extracted from the highest oil-bearing rose on the planet - Bulgarian Rosa Damascena. Unlike ornamental roses, Rosa Damascena is considered an Herb, not a flower. The product you buy from us is 100% pure, organic and loaded with the nutrients of Rosa Damascena that have given it the reputation of a super herb. No additives, no chemicals, unadulterated. Further, our Rose Nectar is formulated for internal use and handcrafted for optimal taste, aroma and nutrition. Our proprietary process gives us an unmatched product when it comes to taste, aroma, nutrition and therapeutic value.

For optimal results, we recommend at least 2 servings a day (each serving equals a table spoon). Yet, you cannot "overdose" on Pure Rose ;) Most important, for best results we recommend that you make Rose Nectar a daily habit. Make your healthy drinks even healthier by adding Rose Nectar to them - whether it's water, kombucha or almond milk. Also, connect with us on Instagram to see recipes and ideas on how to make the best use of your Rose Nectar.

We recommend that you do refrigerate it, although it is not mandatory. Also, please keep it away from direct sun light.

Yes. You can add it to hot coffee, hot tea, or other hot beverages. It will not degrade the health benefits of the Nectar.

Yes indeed. "Rose water" has been long considered one of the best natural skincare products. Which is why it has been also called "Nature's Magic Potion". Think of Rose Nectar as an oil-rich, highly potent, pure and 100% organic version of "Rose Water". We also believe that beautiful skin starts within, that's why we created Rose Nectar - a product that you can use internally to keep your skin vibrant and youthful.

Probably the most important thing is to make Rose Nectar a daily habit. Therefore, we recommend that you incorporate it in your every day routine. Many of our customers start their day with it - in their first glass of water or morning smoothie, or morning coffee. Others use it throughout the day in different drinks and desserts. Many use its calming properties and add to a drink before going to bed. As to external use, you can apply to face any time during the day. Most of our customers apply morning and night for a vibrant, glowing skin.

The Bulgarian Rose is a superfood loaded with antioxidants and vitamins with long-term health and beauty benefits. Similar to eating avocados, using turmeric or drinking kombucha, you don't necessarily feel a tangible difference, but you know you are doing something good for your body. Making Rose Nectar a daily health ritual will pay off over time. It's not uncommon for people to experience an immediate uplift in mood and even a boost in energy. But if you are not experiencing those immediate benefits, it does not mean Rose Nectar is not working for you. After all, boosting your cellular health and anti-aging are longer term, subtle to the senses benefits. As to its external skin application, the effect of Rose Nectar is usually quicker and more tangible. Smoother, glowing, tighter skin can be a matter of just a few applications. Once again, individual results may vary!

Here are the people who are most likely to get the best value out of Rose Nectar: 1. Natural Beauty - you are looking for 100% natural and organic product to protect and rejuvenate your skin. If you've already tried and like rose water, wait till you try Rose Nectar! 2. Longevity - you understand the importance of consuming clean, natural products which boost long-term health and have strong anti-aging properties. 3. High Vibrations - from the food you eat, to the thoughts you think, to the people you surround yourself with - you are vigilant about their effect on your frequency and vibrations. Welcome to the food known to have the highest vibration. 4. Physical Health - whether you are a pro athlete or exercise fanatic, you understand the importance of countering the effect of excessive exercise by consuming foods high in anti-oxidants preventing oxidative cell damage. Detoxing your body is as important as experiencing the positive effects of daily exercise. 5. Cognitive Health - If you meditate, you already have a good grasp of the cognitive (as well as physical) benefits of a calmer mind. With its calming effect, Rose Nectar is likely to become one of your favorite drinks.

Please consult with your doctor whether it is safe to consume Rose Nectar. We are not allowed to provide medical advice.