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Why You need to add Rose to Your Beauty and Hair routine today!

Why You need to add Rose

to Your Beauty and Hair routine today!



Have you been struggling with dull, lifeless hair? Is your dry scalp driving you crazy, leaving small flakes of dandruff on your favorite black sweater, leading to embarrassment and discomfort in social situations? We completely understand and that’s why we’re going to share an amazing beauty secret with you today! If you’ve been following Asian beauty trends at all in the last few years (and Asia is way ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to beauty knowledge), you’d have heard of rose water being used in products for everything from hair to skin to nutrition. If you haven’t heard of it, don’t worry. We’re here to share with you everything you need to know about rose products and help you to make a decision what is right for you!



Tell Me About Rose Water!

Rose water is ancient. It’s been around for thousands of years in various uses across Middle East, Asia and Europe. It’s been used for its fantastic healing properties, in nutrition, skincare, and as perfume. In medieval Europe, it was frequently used to wash your hands before a great feast. The ancient Greeks considered their rose gardens just as important as their wheat fields and orchards. It’s a halal substitute for red wine in recipes and is often used when making lassi.


Throughout its long and prestigious history, it’s been known for its gorgeous scent, it’s medicinal properties and its delicious flavor. Now, it does all of that but we’ve also found that it is an absolute superstar when it comes to your beauty routine, making it an essential addition for anyone looking to add a boost to their current routine.


Okay, But What Does it Do?

Rose water has about a million uses so we’ll only cover a few important ones here so you understand what an amazing product it is.


  1. It helps soothe skin irritations, making it great for dermatitis, acne, eczema, and dandruff when applied to the scalp. It can help clear up flaky skin and it controls your skin’s PH balance so it’s also great for our oily-skinned folk too, since it’s so great at lowering excess sebum production! It also makes for an amazing natural conditioner. Just put a cup full of rose water into your hair while showering and then rinse it out for amazingly bouncy, shiny and soft hair! If you’ve always been a little jealous of the hair in shampoo commercials, you probably want to give it a try!


  1. Rose water is loaded with antioxidants. In fact, Rosa Damascena is the richest in antioxidants plant on earth. What does that mean? Antioxidants are crucial in preventing skin aging from the inside out. But they play so much bigger role in our overall health. Mental health, energy level, preventing cell degeneration, the list of antioxidant benefits is quite extensive…


  1. It’s an amazing mood booster. It’s been shown to help alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety, raising your mood and allowing you to have that peace of mind you need to take care of everything waiting on your to-do list. You can even spray it on your pillow for a more relaxed and restful sleep so you can wake up in the morning feeling perky and excited for your day!

  2. The most important thing is, it is all SCIENCE-BACKED! There are over 160 published studies on the super herb Rosa Damascena. Results speak louder than anything, but knowing that the science is there, makes a huge difference to the among us who are skeptical of marketing talk.

What Kind of Rose Water Should I Buy?

This is where Pure Rose Nectar comes in! It is the highest quality Rose product on the market. As much as 100 times more nutrient-rich than the average rose water, Rose Nectar is the purest product on the market. It is exactly the questionable quality of most products out there that inspired us to create a new Rose product.


The Organic Bulgarian Rose extract that Pure Rose Nectar is made with is purer and more potent than any homemade or other commercially sold rose waters. It’s blended with rose essential oils, which gives an amazing boost with its healing properties, providing you with the most luscious hair and glowing skin you’ve ever experienced. Bulgarian roses are the highest vibrational substance on the planet, meaning if you’ve been struggling with fatigue, low mood, and excess stress, using Pure Rose Nectar will elevate your entire state of being, not only working to beautify your outward appearance but your inner self, too! 


Loaded with antioxidants and flavonoids, Bulgarian rose extract is pure and organic, which is a huge deal because a lot of commercially made rose waters are made with regular, everyday roses which have been treated with pesticides and grown for their beauty and scent. They aren’t exactly the amazing, healthy, super ingredient you’re probably looking for due to their lack of essential oils.


Because of its fantastic taste and scent, you can use it in several different ways. You can add it to your smoothies, your water, or even cook with it! You can use it on your skin as a toner or cleanser or as a conditioner for your hair. It makes an amazing scalp treatment if you’re struggling with dry scalp. You can even mist it onto your pillow, your wrists, anywhere! It’s absolutely unmatched to other rose products and has an aroma and taste that you won’t find in any other products on the market. The care and thought that has gone into Rose Nectar has produced the highest quality rose product that you’ll find anywhere. If you’re looking for the absolute best of the best, the cream of the crop, the queen of all rose waters, don’t look any further.


If you’re ready for the beautiful, healthy hair you’ve been dreaming of, or the glowing skin and a big-time boost in your mood and general health, don’t wait. Head on over to our SHOP to pick up a bottle and see for yourself. We even have a subscription option so you’ll never forget to pick up your new health superstar ever again, it’ll appear on your doorstep just like magic! Get yours today to experience the life-changing experience of Pure Rose Nectar and we promise you’ll never go back to DIY rose water sprays from Pinterest ever again.


Why You need to add Rose to Your Beauty and Hair routine today! | Pure Rose