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Our Why

Pure Rose was born out of a simple mission - to share with you the astounding health and beauty benefits of the super herb Bulgarian Rose (a.k.a. Rosa Damascena). We believe that nature has the answers when it comes to our health and that nutrition is at the core of great health and longevity. Our goal is to nourish your body, uplift your mood, and energize your soul through every one of our products.

Influenced by my nurse-turned-holistic-practitioner mother, I embraced a healthy lifestyle at a very young age. When she was pregnant with me, my mother was on a 100% fruit diet. That must have impacted me, as I'm yet to meet someone who eats as much fruit as I do. I'm still amazed by the holistic medicine wisdom she gathered and shared with me over the years, knowledge that is not taught or known to traditional Western medicine.

Later, as I turned to sports and started playing water polo and beach soccer professionally, healthy eating became even a bigger deal. I started paying attention to the labels of beverages, only to realize that there are almost no drinks in the supermarket that are not loaded with sugar. After looking for years for healthy beverages, I realized that the options were, and still are, extremely limited. As a serial entrepreneur focused on health, environment and education, I realized I needed to do something... that it was time to take the beverage industry to a whole new level. Cutting carbs, sugar and artificial ingredients is one thing. Delivering ultra healthy beverages that nourish our body, mind and soul is a whole different story.

In 2017, it dawned on me that my native Bulgaria (I moved to California 19 years ago) had something truly precious to offer the world - the super herb Bulgarian Rosa Damascena, for which Bulgaria has been world renowned. I had an epiphany, and I got so excited, because Pure Rose brought into a focal point three things for me - my passion for health and wellness, my focus on building companies that matter and my desire to put my homeland Bulgaria on the map. It just couldn't get any better.

And that's how Pure Rose was born.

A little more than a year since the launch of our first product, Rose Nectar, we are more excited than ever, seeing the results our customers are experiencing. For years to come, we will be creating the highest quality Bulgarian Rose products to contribute to a longer, healthier and happier life of as many people as we can reach. It is the well-being of our past, current and future customers and the ability to touch each and every one of you that drives us to keep doing what we do.

You will read that on every one of our labels. What does it mean? That you are holding in your hands the highest quality rose product in the world. Bar none. Here’s why.

Bulgaria gained popularity as the home of the best oil-bearing roses worldwide. So much so that the herb Rosa Damascena is now better known as "The Bulgarian Rose".

But just because a company claims their roses are Bulgarian doesn't mean much - after all, roses grown in Bulgaria are not the same. How do we know that? Well... because, again, I myself am Bulgarian. To my chagrin, many of my fellow countrymen who grow roses do it simply for the money - rose oil is the most expensive oil on the planet. As a result, many of the growers cut corners, and create product that’s often adulterated or impure. But money is not what drives me or any of us at Pure Rose. What drives us is the desire to bring to the world Bulgarian Rose products that people LOVE. How we grow our organic roses, the proprietary process through which we extract their nutrients, flying the rose extract by planes to our facilities in California so its quality remains uncompromised, and even the amber bottles we choose so we preserve the quality of our Rose Nectar… every little detail is monumental to us, because we deeply care.

So when we say “Made with love in California" we mean exactly that. Made with lots of love, in the heart of the World's health and wellness capital. When you hold one of our products in your hand, you can rest assured that you have the best quality product on the market.

To Health and High Vibrations,
Todor, Founder.

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