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The Super Herb

If you never thought you'd be drinking Bulgarian Roses, think again. The Bulgarian Rose (a.k.a. Bulgarian Rosa Damascena), though stunningly beautiful, is much more than an ornamental flower. It is a medicinal Super Herb. It is called by many "The Queen of Roses”, and for good reason. This “Queen” however works on your behalf. Richer in bioflavonoids than any plant on Earth, it is also one of the best natural sources of antioxidants and vitamins. The essential oil extracted from the Bulgarian Rose is regarded as the substance with the highest measurable vibration frequency (electromagnetic energy or Life Force) on the planet. Coming in at 320MHz, its vibrational frequency is nearly twice higher than any other essential oil. Although best known in the Western world for its skin benefits, it has even more to offer as an ingestible. Many of its health benefits have been time-tested and well documented for centuries in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. Still others are being discovered and validated by new scientific research - the Rose and its health benefits have been the subject of more than 150 recent scientific studies. So…whether you tend towards trusting either ancient wisdom or modern science, both of them agree - this timeless Super Herb is one of the world’s healthiest and most dynamic Super Foods.

The Bulgarian Rose Valley

The Rose Valley, Bulgaria

While Rosa Damascena grows in a few regions of the world (Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran), the roses grown in Bulgaria are recognized as the best oil-bearing roses in the world, bar none. The unique climate and rich soil of the Rose Valley in Bulgaria make it the best place on earth for this super herb to flourish. Once mild winters fade, a long and balmy spring brings light rains, high humidity, and morning dew — key ingredients to deliver the best rose in the world. No wonder this super herb is better known as "the Bulgarian Rose". Our Organic roses are grown meticulously in our micro farms tucked in the Valley of Roses in Bulgaria - a huge advantage when it comes to the quality of our Roses from which we handcraft our Rose Nectar.

Made by Hand

How We Make Rose Nectar

Over decades, we have turned a proprietary process of extracting the nutrients and the essential oils from the Bulgarian Rose into an art. Harvested only during three weeks in late spring, our roses are handpicked by dawn. Once the sun rises, the rose opens and the nutrients flow from the petals into the stem. Within an hour, we extract the nutrients from the delicate rose petals. Any delay affects the quality, taste and nutritional value of the rose extract. We then fly the rose extract to our facilities in California, where we handcraft in small batches our Rose Nectar. The result is a one-of-a-kind, pure, drinkable rose extract which has no equivalent on the market - as much as 100 times more potent and nutrient-rich than rose water, with unsurpassed taste and aroma. We proudly called it "Nectar" - the Drink of the Gods, because we believe that YOU deserve nothing less. Read more about our story at "About Us".

Rose at its Finest