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The Super Plant

All the way from Bulgaria, harvested only once a year, Bulgarian Rosa Damascena is a special herbal rose with numerous healing properties. Unlike ornamental roses and given its medicinal value, it is considered an herbal plant. Loaded with antioxidants and vitamins, it is one of three plants with the highest amount of flavonoids. In Eastern medicine it is considered the plant with the highest vibrational energy on the planet. While it's been used for centuries in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, there have been 139+ scientific studies of its numerous healing properties.

The Bulgarian Rose Valley

The Rose Valley, Bulgaria

Our herbal roses are organically grown in the Rose Valley in Bulgaria and considered the finest in the world. The unique climate and rich soil of the Valley make it the best place on earth for this plant to flourish. Once mild winters fade, a long and balmy spring brings light rains, high humidity, and morning dew — key ingredients to deliver the best rose in the world. That's why this herb is better known as "the Bulgarian rose".

Made by Hand

How We Make It

We have meticulously perfected the process of extracting the juice from the Rose into an art form. Harvested only once a year, every rose is handpicked by dawn. Once the sun rises, the rose opens and the nutritious juice flows into the stem. Fragile rose petals are immediately shipped to our "rosery" where the rose juice and rose oil are extracted. Any delay affects the quality and nutritional value of the rose extract. Over the last decade, we have turned hundreds of years of tradition, techniques, and recipes into an innovative process to create a unique and proprietary blend called Rose Nectar. Pure. Tasty. Healing. Nutritious.

Rose at its Finest