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"I started using the nectar on my skin (finally!) and literally have never had such a quick and remarkable change in skin texture and glow! It’s incredible!"

- Lopa van der Mersch

"I started taking Rose nectar when I was tired and sick from Coachella, and I feel 5000% better today (3 days of taking it. Once in the morning and once before bed). Huge mood improvement as well. I love it!"

- Stewart Clementz

Sarah Nagel Sarah Nagel

#ifeel: Magical

“I love Rose Nectar so much. One of the most healing and beautifying gifts from Mother Nature.”

Sarah Marie Nagel @holistichabits
Favorite: Rose Nectar + Kombucha

Grace Konstanzer Grace Konstanzer

#ifeel: Beautiful

“I drink Pure Rose nectar straight from the bottle because it tastes so good and makes me feel beautiful! When I drink it, a feeling of peace comes over me. It also feels so smooth in my mouth, like I have a silky rose petal on my tongue! It's truly unique.”

Grace Konstanzer Volleyball Athlete | Yogi
Favorite: Rose Nectar Shot

Stefani Beckerman Stefani Beckerman

#ifeel: Euphoric

“I've been in pursuit of effective, holistic solutions my whole life and have tried just about all of them. It's incredible how effective a solution Pure Rose is - it makes me feel lighter, happier, more peaceful and re-energized all in the span of 3 sips! Pure Rose has changed my life!”

Stefani Beckerman Holistic Expert
Favorite: Rose Nectar + Water

Joshua Hong Joshua Hong

#ifeel: Energized

“PureRose energizes me in a way that opens up my heart to the world around me. It makes me more vibrant, self-aware and empathetic toward the people I work with. The sheer aroma of this amazing potion from Bulgaria gives me a pick-me-up I need better than coffee or green tea in any afternoon.”

Joshua Hong Entrepreneur | Practitioner of Yoga
Favorite: Rose Nectar + Kombucha

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