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A healthy and clean body is an incredible barometer - it tells you how you feel based on what you absorb. So we asked our community to tell how Rose Nectar makes them feel. The responses we get every day have been the biggest joy, motivator and fuel for us to keep doing what we do. 

Sarah Nagel Sarah Nagel

#ifeel: Magical

“I love Rose Nectar so much. One of the most healing and beautifying gifts from Mother Nature.”

Sarah Marie Nagel @holistichabits
Favorite: Rose Nectar + Kombucha

Grace Konstanzer Grace Konstanzer

#ifeel: Beautiful

“I drink Pure Rose nectar straight from the bottle because it tastes so good and makes me feel beautiful! When I drink it, a feeling of peace comes over me. It also feels so smooth in my mouth, like I have a silky rose petal on my tongue! It's truly unique.”

Grace Konstanzer Volleyball Athlete | Yogi
Favorite: Rose Nectar Shot

Stefani Beckerman Stefani Beckerman

#ifeel: Euphoric

“I've been in pursuit of effective, holistic solutions my whole life and have tried just about all of them. It's incredible how effective a solution Pure Rose is - it makes me feel lighter, happier, more peaceful and re-energized all in the span of 3 sips! Pure Rose has changed my life!”

Stefani Beckerman Holistic Expert
Favorite: Rose Nectar + Water

Joshua Hong Joshua Hong

#ifeel: Energized

“PureRose energizes me in a way that opens up my heart to the world around me. It makes me more vibrant, self-aware and empathetic toward the people I work with. The sheer aroma of this amazing potion from Bulgaria gives me a pick-me-up I need better than coffee or green tea in any afternoon.”

Joshua Hong Entrepreneur | Practitioner of Yoga
Favorite: Rose Nectar + Kombucha

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