Rose Nectar

Extracted from the highest vibrating herb on the planet, Bulgarian Rosa Damascena, Rose Nectar is our proprietary blend handcrafted for optimal taste, nutrition and health. Each ounce bursts with the high vibrational energy and the nutrients of 18 Bulgarian roses. Add two servings of this aromatic and delicious nectar to your daily routine to calm your mind, heal your body and energize you soul.

Feel The Benefits

Sarah Nagel

“I love Rose Nectar so much. One of the most healing and beautifying gifts from Mother Nature. When I drink it, #ifeel magical.”

Sarah Marie Nagel Influencer | @holistichabits

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Drink Up

Pure Rose nectar is the ultra-healthy infusion to your favorite beverage. Add 1-2 tablespoons to your water, sparkling water, kombucha, smoothie, cereal, cocktail, ice-cream or dessert.

Nourish yourself with Pure Rose every day

Our Why

Feeling good never tasted so good. That’s why we created Pure Rose - to share with you one of nature’s purest gifts.

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