Pure Rose Nectar

Straight from the petal to the bottle, Pure Rose nectar is an organic and natural elixir derived from the Bulgarian Rose. Not only does this super flower detoxify, reduce stress, and improve digestion, it is also the highest vibrating flower on the planet. Since healthy bodies thrive on high frequency levels, there’s no better way to heal from the inside out.

Calm your mind. Heal your body. Elevate your soul.

Balance. Heal. Elevate.

Taste the Benefits

Let Mother Nature do all the talking through one of the most healing and beautifying gifts in the world.

Sarah Nagel

“I love rose nectar so much. I think it’s one of the most healing and beautifying gifts from Mother Nature. Pure Rose is the highest quality product available in my opinion.”

Sarah Marie Nagel Influencer | @holistichabits

Drink Up

Pure Rose nectar is the ultra-healthy addition to your favorite beverage. Drink it anytime, anywhere. Simply add one tablespoon of Pure Rose to your water or beverage of choice. You can even sprinkle a few drops on salads, cereal, smoothies, or your favorite cocktail or dessert.

Nourish yourself with the love of Pure Rose everyday.

Our Why

Feeling good never tasted so good. That’s why we created Pure Rose nectar - so we can share with you one of the purest gifts Mother Nature has given us.

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